SPD asks to resign Merkel because of G20

SPD asks to resign Merkel because of G20

World July 12, 2017 20:03

berlin - Due to the chaos and massive violence at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Conservative Chancellor Merkel (CDU) has to resign. That requires no less than her deputy Sigmar Gabriel from the left-wing government party SPD.

Now the smoke of the tear gas and the burning cars and barricades has risen, the big black Pieten game in Germany is in full swing. The CDU calls for the resignation of Hamburg's mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD). He would not have adequately protected the citizens in his million city.

On Wednesday, Scholz came up with a statement in the chic boardroom in the port metropolis. He apologized for the riots but shook the responsibility: 'I promised beforehand that we could guarantee safety. That it came to be different, so I apologize. '

According to politician Albrecht von Lucke from Berlin, Scholz has made a fundamentally wrong estimate. 'He estimated the security situation. And found the G20 leaders to be more important than those of the citizens. And he practically gave up the city during the riots. '

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His party mate, Carola Veit, chairman of the Hamburg City Council, declared Wednesday: 'Thousands of citizens had to fear their lives and lives. Only because cowardly disguised anarchists kicked everything in ruins. Some have brought their own neighbors into a state of fear and horror. And others stood by and looked at it. '

The violence came from all over Europe, also from the Netherlands. Two people from our country have been arrested. Scholz admitted Wednesday: 'The violence has overshadowed the content of the G20 summit, with a ceasefire between America and Russia, the first meeting between Trump and Putin, plus a confession for free trade and the climate agreement. Also, it became predominantly peaceful protest in oblivion. '

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But while Chancellor Merkel and Mayor Scholz listened to a classical concert with world leaders on Friday night, secured by five thousand agents, there were not enough men to protect the citizens of Hamburg. 'It was dangerous for the police to intervene,' said Scholz, who referred to masked protesters with catapults and molotov cocktails. The result: The normal population was left alone with them for hours.

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