Spanish Prime Minister: Referendum must not Catalonia

Spanish Prime Minister: Referendum must not Catalonia

World December 30, 2016 21:30

madrid madrid - The Spanish Government has announced Friday clearly indicated that a referendum on independence of Catalonia 'is not possible.' Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy pointed out that the Spanish law does not allow it and called Catalan nationalists to 'no steps to put more in that direction. '' It's going nowhere, 'said the conservative prime minister. 'I offer something that is much more reasonable: dialogue.'

Catalonia has not only its own language and culture, it is also much richer than the Spanish average. The regional government have the proponents of independence the shots. They have their supporters promised a referendum in 2017.

President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont reiterated Friday that the referendum will take place 'without delay or excuses. 'According to opinion polls in Catalonia currently about the same amount of proponents and opponents of independence.

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