Son of Cecil the Lion also shot dead

Son of Cecil the Lion also shot dead

World July 20, 2017 16:36

zimbabwe - Almost two years after the death of Lion Cecil, the son is now shot dead by hunters in Zimbabwe. Xanda the Lion was six years old. The park supervisors are unrestricted. 'We can not believe that almost two years after Cecil was killed, now his eldest son is also the same fate.'

Xanda has come to an end during a major organized hunt. The hunt was organized by Walter Palmer, an American hunter.

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Cecil, was the most famous lion of Zimbabwe and was killed by an American dentist. The American had converted more than 46,000 euros to chase on Cecil and kill the animal. The dentist who paid more often to enter wild animals in Africa, injured Cecil with arrow and bow. The lion was shot later. The hunting party caused a lot of raging reactions worldwide.

Cecil and Xanda are both killed as hunting trophy.

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