Son denies grave murder on family: attacker laughed

Son denies grave murder on family: attacker laughed

World April 24, 2017 16:27

cape town - The 21-year-old South African who is arrested for the terrible murder of his parents and brother said on Monday that not he but a masked attacker with an ax is the perpetrator. The intruder would have laughed when he suffered his victims.

Father Martin, mother Teresa, and older brother Rudi of the family were awfully attracted to an ax in the conscious night in 2015. They died of their injuries.

Sister Marli was severely injured on her neck after she was attacked with an ax. She survived the horrible night, but hit the coma and can not remember much of the traumatic attack. Whether she will ultimately testify will prove later.

Henri van Breda was not the only one of the family who attacked the ax while he was at home that night. The twentiger claims that an intruder with a bivouce cap went his family with an ax. Through a door of the bathroom door he saw everything happening, Van Breda's lawyer quotes Monday's statement from the suspect.

To protect his family, Henri would have fought with the masked murderer, but that gave him a knife stitch in his side, according to the suspect. However, medical examination revealed that Henri's superficial injuries were applied.

That Henri did not call emergency services came because he no longer knew how to call the emergency number, the 21-year-old suspect said. However, he had called his girlfriend for help, but he did not get up.

According to the young man's statement, he smoked a cigarette to calm himself, hit him out of consciousness and called the emergency services when he woke up four hours later.

The police met him, under the blood and emotionally, at the house. The killing weapons, a kitchen knife and a 4.5 kilo chopper were seized.

If Henri van Breda, who witnessed emotionally Monday on Monday, declared innocent, he inherited over 14 million euros from his murdered parents. The case goes on Tuesday.

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