Son congressman 'DABT' at inzweren

Son congressman 'DABT' at inzweren

World January 4, 2017 17:24

washington - The Republican chairman of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan is apparently not fully aware of trends among youth. Completely surprised he looks like a son of a congressman the 'dab' occurs during a photo opportunity.

The boy, the son of congreslis Roger Marshall, run the popular dance move among young people when photos are taken from the swearing. Ryan looks curiously at the boy and asks whether it is well with him. 'Do you have to sneeze or something?'

The father of the boy does not seem to be able to laugh with the action. 'Yes, he has to sneeze,' he responds. He later house arrest the boy.

The dance craze began in the US city of Atlanta and went viral on social media when a famous quarterback made the move in a game.

King Willem-Alexander recently proved a lot to be better at the time than Paul Ryan. Ryan said in a tweet that after the inzweren 300 congressmen still did not know what 'dabbing' was well.

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