Social media used against disinformation

Social media used against disinformation

World March 12, 2018 12:54

strasbourg - Social media such as Twitter and Facebook are prepared to make agreements about combating disinformation and fake news via their platforms. These agreements are processed in a European code that they will adhere to.

The code is drawn up by the so-called expert group set up by the European Commission. Among others, Twitter, Facebook and Google are represented in this.

The platforms must clearly explain to their users, among other things, how the algorithms work which determine which news messages they receive. They must also take measures to give reliable news a clear platform.

' A big step forward and a robust starting point '', says chairman of the expert group Madeleine de Cock Buning. 'Censorship must be prevented at all costs. '' She said on Sunday that the EU should not create lists of distributors of fake news because there is a risk that governments will take advantage of it.

The experts' recommendations were presented to the European Commission on Monday, with a proposal in the spring.

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