So you still upgrade to Windows 10

So you still upgrade to Windows 10

Tech August 3, 2016 11:33

- Microsoft announced with great fanfare in recent weeks repeatedly that the upgrade to Windows 10 would not be free after the first year. A short delay later that indeed basically the case, but you can still upgrade for free with a small detour.

If you last year have not yet been thrown death of update requests (or attempts to mild coercion), it is officially late to take advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10. However, you can make even just use a little detour the offer.

The trick lies in the accessibility options provided by Microsoft. Which have always been very present in the latest versions of the operating system, and now the company does not store the elderly and disabled. They can upgrade any longer as they specify the accessibility options to want to use.
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Just indicate that you want to use the accessibility options and ready.

These options can also be used, however, if you are not impaired or-horend. So can you just through Microsoft's Web site to request an upgrade without having to do a lot more. Upgrading is continuing almost the same as the regular version. If at least you will not mind a little white lie.

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