So you can find out if your sunscreen is still good

So you can find out if your sunscreen is still good

World April 17, 2018 10:24

antwerp - It is getting warmer, the sun is back again and then the sunscreen can be removed from the barn, but how do you know if it is still good? Sunburn actually has a best-before date and once the cream stops working, the harmful UV rays also get free rein. But how do you figure that out?

Another supply of sun cream from last summer? Then it is best that it is still usable. According to the manufacturers themselves you can keep the cream for about a year, but a test from Test Aankoop previously showed that they are often longer shelf life. But what does a dermatologist think about this? 'Use your common sense when it comes to sun creams,' says Dr. Thomas Maselis to Het Nieuwsblad.

'If you bought one with a factor of 50 last year, it will still work a year later, but the factor will then have dropped to 40 or 30. If you want to be 100% sure, please respect the date mentioned on the bottle. Usually there is a cosmetic jar on the packaging that shows how long the product stays good once you have opened it ', it sounds.

If you want to keep the sun cream as long as possible, then you have to think of other things. Store it somewhere where it is dark, cool and dry. Avoid direct contact with sunlight, as the composition may change. 'Of course it is not a good idea to leave your sun cream on the dashboard of your car, there it can get up to 60 degrees. Sun cream is especially sensitive to temperature fluctuations and light, 'says Maselis.

And once you have checked out whether your sun cream is still good, you can start to spread. But how often does that have to be done? 'If you just want to do a terrace, for example, then it is sufficient to go every four hours', says the dermatologist. 'If you go into the water you have to rub yourself every two hours. '

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