So Jihadi John ' evaporated '

So Jihadi John ' evaporated '

World November 13, 2015 13:30

amsterdam - An ' impeccable, flawless attack " made ​​late Thursday an end to the life of Jihadi John, which are the US intelligence according to an anonymous source '99 percent sure '.

Emwazi Mohammed (27), one of four IS torturers British accent who were referred by their cynical prisoners 'Beatles', has 'evaporated'- a final confirmation of his death will probably never get there. But that the "anchorman" of the gruesome execution videos of the Islamic State seem to be disabled is anyway the most symbolic victory of the West in IS to date. Much of what has become known this morning about the drone attack Emwazi comes from anonymous intelligence sources. The British and Americans were working "hand in hand", said a spokesman for Prime Minister David Cameron. A US official tells CNN that the fatal shot was fired after 'prolonged surveillance. What Moll which surveillance was kept secret, but there are clues. So it is possible that one or more 'moles' from the British intelligence services to IS-capital Raqqa have traveled to detect Jihadi John and pointing to their colleagues. The British and Americans also make extensive use of "metadata"- information about telephone and internet use. In August two British jihadists were eliminated after them- by the secret service GCHQ virus-infected- phone had abandoned their location. Emwazi, a Briton born in Kuwait, had IS number one target since he more than a year ago for the first time appeared in a video beheading. When the drone fired, the soldiers at the controls knew they had reportedly assured Jihadi John in sight. The IS executioner came to an end when he wanted to get into a vehicle in Raqqa. According to an anti-IS group in the Syrian capital of the caliphate were there shortly after the attack on Emwazi- ten to twelve in the evening- carried out in nine minutes fourteen further air strikes. ZiekenhuisRami Abdel Rahman, who is from the UK to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights governs which generally provides reliable information about the civil war in the country of Bashar al-Assad said that all his sources confirm "that the body of an important British jihadists to Hospital of Raqqa has been transferred. All my sources say that the Jihadi John's, but I can not personally confirm that information. " #Rqqa The place or Drone Strike That killed jihadi john after the Drone Targeted his car #ISIS close the area #Syria pic. twitter. com / tl0gWSJzn6- الرقة تذبح بصمت (Raqqa_SL) November 13, 2015

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