Snowden critical of 'Big Brother' Russia

Snowden critical of 'Big Brother' Russia

World June 26, 2016 12:57

moscow - After his revelations about American and British bugging, whistleblower Edward Snowden mixes up the privacy debate in Russia. The parliament of his temporary home has a new,, Big Brother Law 'adopted,, which all Russians money and freedom will cost without increasing safety,' he wrote on Twitter.

What ICT expert Snowden is concerned not sign the law. Thus he makes an indirect appeal to President Vladimir Putin, who could stop the law. To combat terrorism would compel Russia, among other telecommunication companies to store more data for law enforcement purposes.

2014 Edward Snowden received temporary asylum in Russia because he is wanted in the US for divulging state secrets. He may be three years. In fact, he had wanted to South America, but he could not come because the US authorities withdrew his passport. Where he will go next year, is still unknown.
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