Snowden asks Obama for clemency

Snowden asks Obama for clemency

World December 30, 2016 14:27

washington - Edward Snowden has applied according to Politico leniency with US President Barack Obama. The NSA whistleblower residing in Russia would secretly hope that Obama in his final weeks as president will forgive him yet for his revelations.

Besides Snowden would also Bradley Manning, James Cartwright and John Kiriakou asked by Obama to pardon. A spokesman for the White House have a lot to hear sentenced in the coming weeks the president that their punishment is then lost, but there are no big names. Much hope is there for Snowden not.

The former NSA contractor collapsed in the summer of 2013 from the school on a massive eavesdropping program of the US intelligence NSA. The PRISM revelations Snowden to flee and he ended up in Russia. His future has become quite uncertain by developments in his homeland. By it is not inconceivable that Snowden eventually be extradited to the eye good relations between president-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to the US In America is waiting for him a long prison sentence. He can be convicted even for treason.

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