'Snapchat grows strongly among women'

'Snapchat grows strongly among women'

Tech July 20, 2017 09:39

wooden - More and more women are using the popular Snapchat social media app, according to market researcher Telecompaper. In the meantime, 30 percent of women have the app for sending text, photo and video messages installed on their smartphone. Early 2015 it was 17 percent.

A quarter of the men have the app on their phone, compared to 17 percent more than two years ago. It's mostly young people who have the app installed. According to researchers, the message app is used daily by 2.1 million Dutch people.

This allows Snapchat not to tap WhatsApp. About 12.1 million Dutch people have installed WhatsApp on their smartphone. Over three quarters of them use the app daily to send messages.

WhatsApp is also used more often than Facebook. More than 7 million Dutch people use Facebook's app at least once a day. That's over three-quarters of the total of 9.2 million people who have the app on their smartphone.

Telecompaper also calculated that 90 percent of all Dutch (twelve-eighty-year) have a smartphone with a mobile phone. That was another 81 per cent 2.5 years ago.

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