Snapchat brutal murder to theft in US

Snapchat brutal murder to theft in US

World December 29, 2016 11:57

milwaukee - Three people have in the US city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on trial for the brutal murder of Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro (20). His body was found on December 19 in an alley. The victim was caught steal personal belongings of the suspects. died before Mendoza-Chaparro, he was tortured and humiliated. His death was captured on social media. That report local media.

Steal a mobile phone, a bong, a pipe and other supplies to smoke marijuana Mendoza-Chaparro was fatal. The suspects- brothers Devin (20) and Branden Katzfey (19) and Sarah Zakzesky (20)- did not let go without a fight the thief. As he lay on the floor almost lifeless, this was shared by the perpetrators through Snapchat.

Initially, the video was only for the perpetrators of friends visible. Eventually, the local police was also able to lay hands on the footage. In the video, which is shown in court was, to see and hear that someone is the victim cat litter dropped food. Another man urinated on him. A male suspect also says in the video: 'This is what happens when you steal... You slapped together. Come here never steal again. 'Mendoza-Chaparro would be kicked and beaten 25 times before he lost consciousness. He insisted that he had stolen nothing and begged to stop his attackers. It is not clear whether Mendoza-Chaparro actually stole the stuff. In total, have been found in this case three videos.

The brothers Katzfey and Sarah Zakzesky are all charged with murder. Burning Katzfey is seen as the prime suspect. They are recent days arrested separately and held in jail Milwaukee County Jail. It is unclear whether the trio has hired a lawyer. In January 2017 to prevent the suspects.

The mother of the victim's mother, Iris Chaparro, told local media that this is actually her first Christmas with her son in five years. 'It was terrible. The police showed me his photo and I could not even go to the morgue to identify him, 'she said.

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