Smiling pope on his way to salvation

World November 9, 2017 12:15

vatican city - Pope John Paul I, who ruled only 33 days until his sudden death in 1978, came one step closer to a holy declaration. That is what the Vatican says.

John Paul I (Albino Luciani) who was named the smiling pope because of his kindness and kindness, was the shortest serving pope in modern history. His death came as a shock. There have always been rumors that he has not died of a heart attack but is killed.

Pope Franciscus has agreed to a prosecution process. In order to fulfill this, the church must acknowledge that Luciani has done a heroism. To be declared holy, a candidate must have done a miracle recognized by the church.

In the Vatican is a special committee dealing with blessings and holy declarations, the so-called Congregation for the Holy and Zaligspreking processes.

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