Smashing home with $ 800,000

Smashing home with $ 800,000

Tech February 21, 2019 19:32

montreal - Which door do you barricade? Which weapon do you choose? What do you imagine? These are essential questions for a Rainbow Six Siege player, where each pot is one on life and death. Tactical teamwork is...

Minus 13 degrees and the whole of Canada saw white of the snowflakes. Streets were identified by bicycles that were hidden in mountains of snow. It was cold last week, but for Rainbow Six Siege fanatics there was no problem: by wind and weather they traveled to Place Bell. A stadium that was dedicated to the World Championship of Rainbow Six Siege for a week. Players from all over the world competed for the title 'World Champion' and a prize pool of more than one and a half million. Could anyone participate? No, this is called gaming at the highest level, also known as eSports.

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