' Smartphone gone within five years '

' Smartphone gone within five years '

Tech December 8, 2015 16:21

- The emergence of artificial intelligence means the demise of the smartphone.

At least that is the belief of many consumers.Half of all smartphone users expect the smartphone within five years out of the picture because it is no longer necessary to interact with objects. This is evident from the annual report of Ericsson ConsumerLab trend. Here, the key trends for 2016 are described.Consumers say too much to expect an so-called Lifestyle Network Effect. Globally, already one in three consumers in various forms part of the economy. Four out of five reap benefits arising from online services as more people use them.Commuters hope that personalized commuter services become available so they can spend their time useful. Also, many consumers want virtual technology for daily activities such as video calling and they want to print their own food.If the panel members is to get houses ears and eyes. 55 percent of smartphone users think bricks for building houses within five years will be equipped with sensors that mold, leaks and electrical problems can monitor. The human body has internal sensors that measure the well-being of our body, so also wearables become a thing of the past." Some of these trends may seem a long way off, but consumer interest in new technologies and smart grids is increasing. Consequently new products can arise that will bring about an evolution in the whole industry ", said Rob Wolters, Managing Director of Ericsson Netherlands.For the study, 1.1 billion people were interviewed in 24 countries and 46 million smartphone users in ten major cities.

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