Smart train rails against winter distress

Smart train rails against winter distress

Tech November 11, 2016 09:03

utrecht - Smart sensors in track and turnouts have long delays in public transport by going sharply reduce the expected severe winter weather.

'They communicate wirelessly with our core, so we can intervene in time,' confirmed rail manager ProRail last night. ' Rail Carriers are then rapidly alerted to problems with frost, snow and frost. The tests were successful, now we can roll out this new technology. '

The train takes extra measures to alleviate the suffering winter. 'More training of personnel, more scraping rides at night with empty trains to get ice from the catenary, and more anti-icing fluid to prevent annoying icing covered trains. '

ProRail and NS are working closely together to provide winter challenges. 'If necessary, the schedule will be adjusted quickly, nationally or regionally, so that train passengers know in advance where they stand and can change their travel plans,' said spokesmen.

Thursday is a winter weather report of NS and ProRail went to parliament. It is striking that there is a much tighter script applies to his misery on the track coming months. Frozen bills continue to need attention, because still is not heated all and there are often defects. 'Burn Test' is therefore in full swing.

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