Smart refrigerator also raises questions

Smart refrigerator also raises questions

Tech September 2, 2016 13:30

- Smart versions of well-known household appliances dominate this year's IFA in Berlin Techbeurs. Doors are locked via the smartphone and curtains that close with a key on a telephone. Completely new are the gadgets do not always, but they do indicate that the 'internet of things' increasingly comes steam.

A refrigerator is counting on making plane really bring as photos and sends data to your smartphone over the items in it. A little machine can be operated via your smart watch.

Devices may only 'smart' as they store a lot of data from the user and that raises many questions. '' What if for example an insurer, through the koelkastdata out that you just beer and chocolate in the fridge you are? 'Said Marco Preuss of Kaspersky Lab. Softwareproducent Survey shows that the majority of consumers vraagtekens move in massive data storage collected through smart devices. because it is obvious that third parties like to have that data.
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'' Sellers should think carefully about the privacy sensitivity of such information, 'said Preuss.' 'Not all the data are suitable for sharing.' Preuss also warns of the risks inherent in smart applications because data until after the comma can demonstrate how your lifestyle is.

At IFA, where many counterfeit living rooms and kitchens are designed to show the possibilities of the Internet of things, the enthusiasm about the devices, however, prevail. Thereby generally heard the sound should not be exaggerated the safety issue.

''Important? Yes. But which consumer banking for example, not over the Internet? '' Said one of the tech entrepreneurs at the fair. '' Many people are much more connected than they think. It is smart not to imagine the immediate surroundings. '

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