Slow Google cars off the road

Slow Google cars off the road

Tech November 13, 2015 11:00

- An autonomous car of Google in California was recently removed by the police from the road. The vehicle was not driving too fast, but just too slow. According to the agents that hinder the car to stop months, the vehicle broke the rules by the flow of traffic.

The Google car drove at a speed of 24 miles per hour (slightly less than 39 km / h) on a road 35 miles (over 56 km / h) is permitted. According to Google, the cars that are fully tested, capped for safety at a speed of 25 miles. The company also wants other road users do not chase the wits by speeding. Anyhow the defensive driving style of the car makes it more common problems. In some accidents where a Google car has been involved since 2009, nearly drove each time a fellow road user against the autonomous car on. In response, Google announced that it is proud of the fact that it has never been fined.

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