Slovaks once again en masse on the streets

Slovaks once again en masse on the streets

World March 9, 2018 19:24

bratislava - Tens of thousands of Slovaks took to the streets in Bratislava and several other cities at home and abroad to demonstrate against the government. They demanded a 'decent Slovakia'.

Among other things, banners could read 'Slovakia can not become a Mafia state', with a reference to the murdered investigative journalist Jan Kuciak. The slogans were mainly directed against the Social Democratic Prime Minister Robert Fico: 'We have enough of Fico', 'Wegwezen' and 'Schande'.

Party-less activists had called for this protest. Politicians were not welcome anywhere as a speaker. The organization spoke of the biggest demonstration in the capital since the 'velvet revolution' of 1989, in that time Czechoslovakia.

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