Sire: Let boys be boys again

Sire: Let boys be boys again

World July 25, 2017 07:18

the hague - Today we are afraid that boys come home with broken pants. That's what the Stichting Ideële Advertentie (SIRE) said, starting a campaign this week to give boys the space they need and make them fool and ravage. That's a bad thing, because if they can not develop that way, they're going to underperform, says Sire.

There is currently a tendency to lessen 'boy behavior', according to Sire. 'We sometimes inhibit boys in their behavior, so they learn less from their own experience and that inhibits them in their development.' However, boys develop best by discovering themselves, experimenting, taking risks and moving a lot.

According to Sire, experts say that boys who are being shut down will get less self-esteem, think that they do not mind what they are doing, lose their concentration faster and lose their motivation.

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  1. Ultack July 27, 2017 at 10:12 PM

    You can thank over 50 years of feminism grip on education through which post-modernism pour its dogma onto unprepared minds. Now we are stuck with indoctrinated mental retards incapable of dealing with reality. Facts wont matter and logic is beyond their grasp.

    It is refreshing to see normal people in touch with reality talking about facts and going against the political correctness cancer.

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