Shortage police Germany by refugees

Shortage police Germany by refugees

World October 9, 2015 12:09

- Police in Germany is busy with the flood of refugees to the country. Tens of thousands of police officers are concerned with the refugees, but according to police union DPoIG are still needed 20 000 additional agents. "The pressure on the police for months at record levels ," said Rainer Wendt of the union Friday .

Wendt mentions the control of population movement the biggest challenge in postwar history and task of the century. There are so many agents now used for, among other stations and shelters, that is cutting down on deployment of police in the verkeer.

The government in Germany over the next three years, three thousand additional jobs promised by the federal police, but alone, according to Wendt there are locally 15 000 people needed. He also calls for support of former military and security forces.

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