Self-propelled trucks on highway Flemish

Self-propelled trucks on highway Flemish

Tech March 7, 2016 14:42

antwerp - Groups of self-propelled vehicles will be on April 5 on Flemish freeways driving during a European pilot project on the initiative of the Netherlands. Trucks of Volvo, Iveco and DAF participate in the project. The trucks drive in groups, in which the first determines the route and speed, and the others that follow, while they are constantly communicate with each other.

Three columns of two to three trucks take part in the experiment. Via GPS, radar and wifi ride literally on the right track. In the cab of the vehicle a driver takes place to send. Maneuvers, braking and speed are precisely matched.

When the fleet is equipped with systems for automated driving, it means a drastic increase in the capacity of the highway. Quot; Such systems for automated driving could benefit safety. Though they should of course take very many things into account, such as passenger cars, the truck can only cut or invoegmanoeuvres , says a spokesman for the Flemish motorists association VAB against Belga news agency.

The system can, according to the Flemish association for ensuring that there are fewer differences in speed and traffic changes less lanes. Therefore, the risk of incidents decreases. In addition, the usage and thus the CO2 emissions of the self-propelled trucks down.

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