Self odd? Woman painted herself by 225 artists

World November 13, 2017 13:45

paris - She is called the 'Kardashian of the 30's': Suzy Solidor, a cabaret from France with the appearance of a pop star. She allowed herself to perpetuate 225 artists and hung a nightclub- which she herself bestowed- full of self-portraits, the BBC writes.

Solidor was far ahead of her. She dared to sing explicitly lesbian-erotic songs, and was the first female owner of a nightclub in Paris. There she also performed herself. In addition, she hung the whole club with portraits of her own, the most beautiful nearby, and the least interesting on the toilet.

While today's stars make themselves alive with selfies, Solidor did the same with paintings, according to the BBC. Nevertheless, Solidor always remained loyal to himself. 'At stars it seems a bit of a bag,' confirms artist Jessica Walker, who has deepened in Solidor.

When she moved to Paris at a young age, she started working as a model for bathing suits. She was the 'pulling doll for another's imagination,' Walker said, but soon Solidor came to stand on his own feet. This was partly because some painters used to use her. The nightclub eventually became her magnum opus. Edith Piaf has once again sung there, with businessmen and aristocrats in the gallery, beaten by hundreds of versions of Solidor on canvas.

According to the BBC, it has now been said that Suzy Solidor (1900- 1983) has been the most painted woman in the world.

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