'Seksslavin' is still enjoying new acquaintances

'Seksslavin' is still enjoying new acquaintances

World August 11, 2017 07:48

london - The questions still arise around the 'kidnapped sex slave' Chloe Ayling. But in the meanwhile, the British expose model fails with her newly acquired fame. Instead of processing her trauma she runs photo shoots, and instead of visiting her son, she earns 2000 pounds at a time by companions telling the story of her abduction.

Last weekend, the British model returned to its hometown of Coulsdon, in southern London. Her shocking relaunch of abduction and potential sales via the internet as sex slave was frontpage news.

Since then, her relay has become increasingly doubtful. On the one hand, she said 'from minute to minute' in fear of being abducted, on the other hand, she appears to have developed a confidential connection with her Polish deputy.

Thus, the two slept in a double bed, although according to Ayling no intimacies have taken place. And why did not she flee when the two in the neighborhood of the farm where she was wearing hiding shoes went to buy.

On the day of her release, Ayling and her Polish resident, who lived in England, were also seen in a cafe where they were eating together. According to a waitress they were relaxed and seemed to have a close friendship.

So everyone asks. But the Italian police still assume that the kidnapping has really taken place. Ayling has between her photo sessions and talks through close contact with the British police.

Ayling's girlfriend calls her behavior 'remarkable', so writes newspaper The Sun, 'but it's a little naive. 'The money Ayling deserves with the talks- she uses the same agency as Alastair Campbell, spokesman for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair- is donated to a charitable organization dealing with trafficking in women.

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