Searches in Germany for child pornography

Searches in Germany for child pornography

World July 20, 2017 11:03

wiesbaden - With 67 people in Germany this month, searches have been made because they have been suspected of exchanging child pornography through the internet. It is about footage, where very young children are also sexually abused.

Justice announced on Thursday that searches were made between suspects between 18 and 19 July between 18 and 19 July throughout the country. The police found them on the Chatstep site. The American provider of Chatstep has cooperated with the German justice in identifying suspects.

Recently, German combatants of this crime have been able to turn off a child pornography network on the anonymous Dark Net. It was a network called Elysium and 87,000 users. Fourteen arrests have been made in the rolling of Elysium. The victims of Elysium are children aged two to eight years.

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