Scream ban for market vendor

Scream ban for market vendor

World April 16, 2018 11:21

lymington - A market trader in the British Lymington may no longer scream his merchandise. He got a screaming ban imposed after the complaints rained about his pruning sales method.

Wayne Bellows' family has been selling fruit and vegetables on the Saturday market in the British resort of Lymington for eighty years. The 53-year-old Bellows, fourth generation greengrocer in his family, is stunned now that local officials have silenced him.

Initially, the screaming greengrocer was only given a ban on roaming by the market regulator. To meet market visitors, he only had to keep quiet in the morning. But from lunchtime he was allowed to go on lustfully again.

The hardest promo-talk that Bellows produced tapped the 111 decibels. That can be compared to a solid rock concert or a chain saw. According to Bellows it is all too bad. 'It is just part of the street life. '

The market is held every Saturday in the city, where the houses exchange an average of 500,000 to 4 million pounds. The town already received the stamp 'too posh for Argos' after residents stopped the opening of a branch of the store.

Bellows is angry and calls the shout ban 'ridiculous'. He fears that the ban will lead to a significant drop in sales if he is not allowed to shout loudly 'boxes of strawberries' or 'come and try' or 'lots of fresh fruit here' on the market square.

'The market has been there for hundreds of years and now someone decides that they do not like the noise,' he says indignantly. If I can not scream, I can not sell it.

Elizabeth Jarman from Lymington, who is facing the market stall, has no trouble with the 'noise'. 'It partly determines the charm of the market. '

But a local councilor from Lymington is inexorable. Rules are rules and now prohibit market traders from causing noise nuisance.

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