'Scoop Amsterdam with self-steering boats'

'Scoop Amsterdam with self-steering boats'

Tech September 20, 2016 05:24

- "The canals are the next five years the scene of a research program on self-steering boats. It is the first large-scale test how 'roboats' people and can transport goods. Watch also test with autonomous vessels that can build itself within a few hours, for example, a movable bridge or floating stage."

"In addition, the researchers are engaged with underwater robots, for example, can perform measurements in the sewage system and roboats stripping the canals of waste and debris, such as 12. 000 bikes annually to disappear."

"The first prototypes of roboats are expected in 2017 or on the water. The program is conducted by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in collaboration with TU Delft and Wageningen UR. Roboat runs under the flag of AMS Institute. For the study, 25 million euros, of which 20 million will be raised by the MIT. The results of the study will be used for cities around the world.\n  \n    \n     \n      \n        2:06\n      \n     Muslim Preacher dist Ismail and Crook\n     \n     \n      \n        0:58\n      \n     Tidal wave grips girl (10)\n     \n     \n      \n        1:00\n      \n     Most dangerous airport in the world?"

"Possible research also contributes to reducing the burden on the water. Amsterdam already recently announced measures such as lowering the speed limit from 1 January. According to AMS Institute is the goal to have actually self-steering boats in Amsterdam's canal over five years."

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