Scholier makes heartbreaking testament 'for safety'

Scholier makes heartbreaking testament 'for safety'

World March 13, 2018 16:24

birmingham - Primary school student Javon Davies from Birmingham, Albama lists his most important assets in relation to WIAT: 'Playstation, computer games, TV and cat'. He does not do this for no reason: he has made a will, for the sake of certainty. For when he is killed during a shooting at school.

'I just made it in case something happened to us,' he says. 'Some children sometimes become rioters and can, for example, shoot someone or something. '

In the heartbreaking letter he leaves everything to his best friend. But he also has a message to his family. 'Sweet family. I love you all. Julie gave me clothes and always support me. Love Javon. '

Mother Mariama Davies had to cry through the action of her son. But also because of the fact that shootings at school are now in such a way with American youth that he has even come up with the unthinkable.

'It is really heavy, because he is still so young. He should not be doing this at all. He is in group 8. You have a life for you and you should not be involved in this, let alone think about it. '

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