Schippers shoot donors for help

Schippers shoot donors for help

World July 4, 2017 18:30

the hague - Donor children should be able to detect not only their biological father, but also half-brothers and sisters. Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health wants to amend the law to make it possible.

She also makes 150. 000 euros free for anonymous sperm donors who can not or do not want to pay the registration fee for a specialized DNA database. The database, which donors can enable to find their biological father, calculates the registration fee to fund the research. Donors can contribute freely by Schippers.

Until 2004, it was allowed to leave anonymous seed in the Netherlands. Previously, about 40,000 children are estimated with anonymous donors. Many of them are looking for their descent. Schippers therefore called a month ago donors to announce themselves and to resign their DNA before 2004.

DNA research for all donor children at a database of choice, as children's interests demand, does not want to reimburse the minister. That's a new cabinet, she thinks.

The measures are part of an action plan that Schippers made out of tears on Tuesday. She is also going to point out, among other things, fertility clinics on their moral duty to ask anonymous donors to make themselves known. Not all clinics have made as much work of donors appeal.

On the rule that men can no longer carry anonymous seed, there was still an exception. After 2004, a mother could, if desired, take a second child of the same anonymous donor. With these exceptions, it must now be done, Schippers believes.

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