Scantily dressed BBC presenter of the tube

Scantily dressed BBC presenter of the tube

World March 9, 2018 11:06

london - BBC presenter Helen Skelton, who gained name and fame because of the spicy outfits in which she did her work, has been banned from the TV team for the coming Commonwealth Games. Note on the International Women's Day the British broadcaster announced that the blonde does not return to the tube. And that gives the British a lot of crooked faces.

Skelton (34) was the talk of the day two years ago during the Rio Games. She reported from the Aquatics Center on the swimming competitions and usually wore a tiny skirt. TV viewers tumbled over each other.

The BBC left it on its own, but decided two years later to take measures. When the Commonwealth Games starts in Australia (4-15 April), Skelton will not be part of the BBC team.

'We are going to send a considerably smaller team to Australia than at previous Games,' said a spokesperson for the British channel. 'In a number of sports, and swimming, we will do without presenters. But do not worry, Helen will remain a signboard for BBC Sport. '

Skelton can laugh about it. He replied with a tweet: 'My boss told me: 'dress for the job you want, not for the job you have'. Now I am in a disciplinary meeting, dressed as Wonder Woman. '

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