Saw to Merkel's chair legs

Saw to Merkel's chair legs

World October 11, 2017 01:42

berlin - Within the Christian CDU of Merkel Chancellor, the saw started on her chair legs. Despite all the anger because of the significant voting loss in the German elections, many critics remained indoors. For Merkel announced this weekend to want to form a new government with counter-poles, with eurosceptic liberals and environmentally friendly Greens.

But Angela Merkel, 63, had to talk to the revolting youth section of her CDU on Saturday. There are already plans for the time after Merkel, as it is clear that she will stay no longer than her predecessor Helmut Kohl, sixteen years old. The next term, if they are sitting out, will be her last four years.

Conservative critics accuse Merkel and her Bavarian colleague of sister party CSU, Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, a too weak middle rate. Politics of open borders for a million refugees and pepper-rescue measures for distressed southern European states like Greece strikes at the Tribal in provincial beer houses on many spilled eyelashes.

Merkels deputy chairman, Thomas Ströbl, was destructive in his judgment: 'People do not feel taken care of their worries,' said the son-in-law of Treasury keeper Wolfgang Schäuble.

In fact, Merkel wishes that discussion about the CDU rate does not become public because the state elections in Lower Saxony take place this month. But no more is listened to her, which indicates loss of authority. Last night, Merkel had to accept an upper limit of 200,000 asylum seekers.

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