Samsung smartphonedip largest ever

Samsung smartphonedip largest ever

Tech November 17, 2016 10:45

- Samsung has spent the past three months, its biggest dip in smartphone sales ever look back. The Korean technology giant had in that period problems with its attractive, high Galaxy Note 7 that could spontaneously ignite.

The quarter started good for Samsung, Gartner reported Thursday. Sales eventually fell by 14.6 percent to 71.7 million smartphones, after the manufacturer had to withdraw its showpiece altogether because of persistent problems. The Note 7 is incidentally not the main model from Samsung, which are the two variants of the Galaxy S7.

Samsung remains by far the largest smartphone maker in the world, already ran back the market share of nearly 24 percent to just over 19 percent. Number two Apple was not much, because the iPhone maker also saw its sales fall by 6.6 percent. Apple's market share fell from 13 to 11.5 percent. Chinese manufacturers that grew the top five complete it.

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