Samsung releases new discs

Samsung releases new discs

Tech October 24, 2016 08:45

seoul - Due to problems with the Note 7 seemed finally to put an end to the Note line of Samsung, but according to Reuters, the Koreans would have none of that. Samsung in South Korea a conversion program rigged for people with Note 7. They may exchange their device against a Galaxy Note 8 S8 or two smartphones that have yet to appear.

The recently launched Note 7 faced from the beginning with problems. From around the world rained complaints about overheated devices, including unexploded ones stand. In the US, then even decided to ban the Note 7 on flights over America.

Because the resolution of the problems with many feet into the earth, Samsung has decided to pick up the Note 7 completely from the market. For people who already own a Note 7, there are several conversion programs rigged.

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