Salman Abedi consulted with Libya in Libya

Salman Abedi consulted with Libya in Libya

World June 4, 2017 10:24

new york - Salman Abedi, the terrorist who commenced the attack on Manchester on May 22, had consulted with representatives of Islamic state earlier this month in Libya. These IS members are part of a unit that can be linked to the November 2015 attack in Paris.

That writes The New York Times. The US newspaper is based on sources within the security services.

The exact content of the consultation in the North African country is unknown, as stated in the article. The possibility that Abedi has been sent by IS, according to The New York Times, proves that despite terrorist loss in the Middle East, terrorists are able to continue the attacks in Europe.

Abedi would have visited both the capital Tripoli and the coastal town of Sabratha. The 22-year-old terrorist blows himself among visitors to a concert of American singer Ariana Grande. As a result, 22 people came to life. Abedi was born in Manchester from Libyan parents.

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