Russians find wreck British ship in Arctic Circle

World August 9, 2016 20:18

moscow - Russian researchers in the Arctic have found the wreck of a British ship that sank to the seabed in 1878.

The steamship The Thames was trying to find a new trade route between Britain and Siberia when it sank, reports The Guardian Tuesday.

The wreck was found in the village Gorosjikha in a shallow part of the Yenisei River, just south of the Arctic Circle. The Yenisei is the largest river which flows into the Arctic and The Thames was the first ship to the river went on.,, It is difficult to say how well preserved the steamship '' said one of the researchers by Interfax news agency.,, The vessel is filled with silt and sand, and only a portion of the stem is visible. '' More research needs to be done to determine whether The Thames can be removed intact to the surface.

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