Russian lobbyist joined Trump Jr.

Russian lobbyist joined Trump Jr.

World July 14, 2017 22:09

washington - A Russian-American lobbyist who once worked for the Soviet Union's counter-spying mission last year also attended the widely discussed meeting of Donald Trump Junior and a Russian advocate. This included the Washington Post Friday.

According to Trump critics, Rinat Achmetsjin seems to have been shot by the company so far as clearest evidence of interaction between the Trump and Russians campaign team. In an interview with the Washington Post, Achmetsjin told him that he participated in this meeting with several others. NBC News was one of the first media companies to report on it.

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It was known that the lawyer Natalja Veselnitskaja was one of the participants. During the conversation in June 2016, Trumps son-in-law son Jared Kushner and then Campaign Manager Paul Manafort were present. Apparently, the attorney at the meeting would present information on Hillary Clinton, the opponent of Trump senior in the election campaign at the time. Trump junior has denied that that information came on board.

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