Russia : US strike on Syria cooperation

World October 17, 2015 10:53

- Russia, the United States offered to collaborate more closely in Syria . Washington , however, is not addressed there, said Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov on Saturday at a security conference in Beijing.

The US and Russia should negotiate better already an agreement that the security in Syria, but that is not sufficient according to Antonov. " We have offered much more cooperation, but Washington is not ready for that ", according to the Minister according to news agency TASS.

The word cooperation is shunned by Americans, says Antonov, while better cooperation is particularly important. This can for example turn out well as a plane crash of the international coalition in IS area.

The Russians can then assist with search and rescue pilot, said the deputy minister. According to Antonov, regular consultations with Turkey and Israel over Russian actions in Syria. He also said that arrangements have been made by the Syrian army. " All our actions are aimed at Islamic State ", he said that. " Other military or civilian targets we fall, contrary to what Western media reporting, not on. "

Russia has, since September 30 air attacks in Syria after the government of President Bashar al-Assad had requested.

According to the West, except for purposes of IS also attacks on rebels fighting against Assad. It's also about militants backed by the West.

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