Russia stationed missiles on Kuril

Russia stationed missiles on Kuril

World November 25, 2016 09:48

tokyo - Russia has its claim to the Kuril Islands, an archipelago in Japan, reinforced by stationing missiles on the islands. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was extremely angry brings about the action and called Friday 'regrettable', especially since Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Japan on December 15.

Russian media reported earlier that the armed forces to protect the coastal defense ship missiles have posted. There Ball rockets were stationed on the island of Kunashiri. This is done according to the Russian Foreign Ministry to increase security. But it also underlines that Moscow believes that the Kuril Islands belong to Russia.

Japan, however, also makes claim to the archipelago. The battle around the Kuril Islands is the reason that Russia and Japan never signed the peace after the Second World War.

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