Russia spares moderate opposition in Syria

Russia spares moderate opposition in Syria

World November 26, 2015 22:45

moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin Thursday promised attacks on armed groups in Syria to avoid also fight against the terrorists. He said this after talks in Moscow with his French counterpart Francois Hollande.

So far bombard the Russian forces in Syria all enemies of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, also groups that both Assad and Sunni extremists among their enemies. This apparently led to Tuesday 's downing of a Russian fighter by Turkey.

Ankara has in recent times by the Kremlin and the UN complained that citizens of the Turkmen minority in Syria are victims of Russian bombing. Ankara sees as Turkmen ethnic kin. Turkmen militias fighting in northern Syria against Assad 's forces and they are also enemies of jihadists.

The downing of Russian aircraft hindered attempts to conclude a kind of unholy alliance, where all parties to the terror group Islamic State (IS) fighting, including Russia and the US jointly.

To France and Russia to coordinate their air strikes on Syria. This Hollande said Thursday in Moscow after talks with Putin. Hollande said that especially the oil industry, where the Sunni extremists of IS make money is targeted. Hollande also said that it is very important that the Turkish- Russian row over the downing of a Russian fighter Tuesday in the border of Turkey and Syria does not go out of hand. Putin kindled anew Thursday in anger over the incident.

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