Russia places new missiles in Crimea

World January 13, 2018 11:09

moscow - Russia has stationed new S-400 anti-aircraft missiles in Crimea according to news media from that country. This action is seen as a new step in the increased tensions between Russia and Ukraine over the disputed peninsula.

After Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, Europe and the United States responded with economic sanctions to Russia that are still ongoing. Russia also stationed this type of missiles near the city of Sevastopol last year, traditionally one of the most important Russian naval ports.

The US promised last December to help Ukraine in a counteraction with 'advanced defense resources. 'According to officials, it would include anti-tank missiles.

Russia appropriated Crimea in 2014 during the crisis in Ukraine. The peninsula has been predominantly Russian since the end of the eighteenth century. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Crimea stayed with Ukraine. Almost 70 percent of the population of 2.2 million people is originally Russian.

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