Russia lets 'kill from Douma' speak

Russia lets 'kill from Douma' speak

World April 26, 2018 07:45

the hague - The assumed poison gas attack in Syria was staged by a PR machine disguised as an aid organization. Russia wants to convey that message to the world on Thursday afternoon. The country says it has brought several 'dead' and 'wounded' from the videos to the Netherlands to testify.

According to Russia, the attack was staged by the White Helmets, an aid organization frequently accused of playing a double role on Internet forums. The organization will receive millions of Western countries, including the Netherlands, and will stage the poison gas attacks to provoke a reaction from the international community.

Thursday afternoon, Russia holds a press conference. There will be people who, according to Russia, appear in the Douma videos and in reality are not dead or wounded at all. 'People were calling on the streets: go to the hospital. When we got there, someone started pouring water over me, 'says a boy, whose Russians have already shared a video on Twitter. He would be the same boy as in the video.

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