Russia blocks UN conviction rocket test

Russia blocks UN conviction rocket test

World July 6, 2017 17:24

new york - Russia can not confirm that North Korea has tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) this week. The Russians therefore refuse to support a UN Security Council statement in which the projectile is considered as such, diplomats said Thursday.

The statement in which the missile test is sentenced has been drawn up by the United States. North Korea claimed Tuesday to launch an ICBM and, according to Washington, that is probably true. Moscow, however, thinks it was a medium-distance racket, which has a much smaller range.

Statements by the Security Council must be approved by all fifteen members. The Russian protest led to criticism by US UN ambassador Nikki Haley on Wednesday. 'If you need information to realize that the rest of the world sees this as an ICBM, I'd like to do that,' she said to the Security Council.

It is unclear whether Washington and Moscow still want to reach agreement on the issue.

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