Russia : Assad remain a matter of principle

Russia : Assad remain a matter of principle

World November 6, 2015 09:44

moscow - Or Bashar al-Assad will remain president of Syria is Russia " no issue of principle." " It is up to the Syrian people to decide the fate of the president," said the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Tuesday in a radio interview. "We do not talk to us about whether Assad should go or stay. "

Russia is considered key ally of the regime in Damascus. The Russian air force bombarded targets since late September of Assad's foes in Syria. The United States has accused Moscow visor to focus on the more or less secular setting rebels of the Free Syrian Army. Russia stresses, however, that it almost daily airstrikes perform on terror movement Islamic State (IS).

On the future of Syria, Russia and the United States had hitherto much disagreement. For the US, it is clear that Assad is a war criminal and therefore can not remain.

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