Russia and US stabbing each other for the crown

Russia and US stabbing each other for the crown

World October 11, 2015 18:39

moscow - In the battle against Islamist extremists mention Russia and the United States daily numbers of flights from terrorists. For example, the US-led coalition announced Saturday 24 air strikes against positions of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria . Buildings , ammunition storage , tactical objectives and combat positions were hit.

President Putin of Russia arrived Sunday with a very different message about the use of its air force against targets in Syria. The Russian campaign in Syria , week and a half old, is already much more efficient than the US, Putin said in a broadcast of the state.

President Obama's decision to stop supporting the anti - Assadrebellen in Syria, representing a saving of half billion. That amount, announced Putin laconic, he would have. "We would use the least effective in the fight against international terrorism".

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