Rome scared of attacks at Easter

Rome scared of attacks at Easter

World March 31, 2018 07:15

rome - Italian authorities hold their hearts for Easter attacks, the most important feast for Christianity. The outgoing Minister of the Interior Marco Minniti warns that Muslim terrorists have Rome in their sights.

This appears from several indications. Therefore, 10 000 police officers were deployed in Rome. Blockades that were installed in the center of Rome to make an attack more difficult do not appear to be watertight. A Turkish, incidentally more innocent, truck driver yesterday drove the blockade down to just before parliament.

The Italian police arrested five accomplices of the terrorist Anis Amri this week. In December 2016, he committed an attack on a Christmas market in Berlin, killing twelve people. The arrested, four Tunisians and a Palestinian, also appeared to want to attack the Rome metro. The Palestinian Salem Napulsi was of the opinion that of the 'infidels' the heads and the genitals had to be cut off, according to a tapped telephone conversation. He is in prison in Rome.

This week, a chairman of an Islamic cultural association from the southern Italian city of Foggia was arrested. This 59-year-old Egyptian, naturalized to Italian, taught children that they could only reach paradise if they died in martyrdom. To achieve that, they had to cut off the heads of infidels with their swords.

In Turin, a 23-year-old immigrant was arrested this week who wanted to attack a truck on behalf of IS. He also sought other radical Muslims who were willing to do so. Yesterday a Moroccan was arrested in the northern Italian city of Cuneo. He praised martyrdom on social media and wanted to punish 'infidels'.

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