Rome mayor nevertheless resigned

Rome mayor nevertheless resigned

World October 30, 2015 23:15

rome - Ignazio Marino, mayor of Rome is Friday resigned. His departure was a weeklong political soap beforehand.

Mary came early October discredited after it became clear that he wrongly dinners themselves, family and friends had declared. He therefore brought his party, the Democratic Party (PD), in great embarrassment and even Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, a party member, took openly distance themselves from his behavior.

Marino still felt he had done nothing wrong but resigned. But Thursday withdrew his resignation again. Subsequently, all 26 Friday Roman city council members, including 19 members of Marino's own party, resigned in protest. Then Marino remained nothing but to leave, with the bitter words : " I am stabbed in the back by 26 people and the instigator (Renzi) ".

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