Romanian (29) abused for ten years in Italian horror house

World November 26, 2017 20:15

gizzeria - In a horror house in the Italian village of Gizzeria, the police liberated a 29-year-old heavily neglected Romanian woman last week. She was sexually abused for ten years by the 52-year-old Italian resident. He locked her up in the basement of the heavily polluted house. During her imprisonment, the wife had two children, who are now 9 and 3 years old.

The boy and the girl were found neglected in the back seat of the defendant during a traffic control. It led the agents to the woman. The Italian police made video images of the invasion in the house. (see below)

The woman and children are admitted to a hospital, report Italian media. The Romanian is partially paralyzed, the children severely malnourished.

According to local media, the woman came to Italy as a young nurse. When the suspected partner of the suspect died, she was locked up. The woman was tied to a bed and was barely fed for years. She was never washed. During the imprisonment she gave birth to two children without help.

The man was accused of abuse, slavery and multiple sexual abuse. 'In thirty years I have never seen anything so terrible,' said an Italian police chief.

The suspect was convicted in 1995 for sexual abuse. Four years later he was released again because of good behavior.

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