Riots in demonstration Pegida

Riots in demonstration Pegida

World January 12, 2016 08:42

potsdam - Potsdam (Berlin) are Monday riots erupted between supporters of the anti-Islam movement and Pegida against demonstrators. It was with stones, fireworks, road signs and garbage cans thrown. According to police officers and several demonstrators were injured in the riots.

         At first everything seemed to go quiet. Hundreds of people protested in downtown Potsdam peacefully against Pegida. Under the motto 'Potsdam true colors' they argued for a more tolerant Brandenburg (Land of Potsdam), where refugees can integrate. Just a hundred meters away Pegida hundred supporters gathered in front of their so-called 'evening walk. According to the police against the demonstrators tried to prevent the march, and then hit the flash in the pan. Agents had to use pepper spray to calm things down.
Earlier on Monday, a group of about 250 and disguised in dark men stabbed home held in Leipzig. They threw in the district Connewitz dozens of shop windows of shops and cafes smashed and set cars on fire. Also firework bombs were chipped. According to German media it comes to extreme right-wing hooligans. There is talk of neo-Nazis. After half an hour of riots the situation, according to the police was still very tense,, . Eventually, some 250 suspects were arrested, German media report. There has been deployed include a water cannon.
In photographs of the Leipziger Volkszeitung to see the arrested rioters sitting on the ground, awaiting identification and transport to the police station. Whether there were injured in the riots is not yet known. Certainly two streets in Connewitz remain closed in the night of Monday to Tuesday.
Simultaneously with the violence took place in Leipzig a demonstration of anti-Islam movement Legida place. That took an estimated 3,400 supporters to participate. Or is there a relationship between the two cases is still unclear.

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