Riot to remove (little) exposed painting

Riot to remove (little) exposed painting

World February 2, 2018 17:09

manchester - A museum in Manchester, UK, the Manchester Art Gallery, has taken a painting from the wall showing naked ladies' breasts: Hylas and the Nymphs, made in 1896 by John William Waterhouse. The ladies are in a pond and watch a dressed man on the side.

According to the British media, the Art Gallery would not want to censor, but to start a discussion on how to deal with 'naked' paintings at a time when many are so concerned about sexism.

That worked so immediately and the critical sounds are not of the air, according to several British media. 'A dangerous precedent,' one finds. 'Politically correct expression of moral values ​​to improve one's own position,' judges another, and 'How long until the new Puritans will stop us from seeing such treasures?' Asks an art lover.

The removal of the Victorian painting would not be definitive.

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